From the Editors

Sibel Sakarya, Yücel Demiral


From the Editors


Dear readers,

We are happy to greet you with the August 2017 issue of our Journal. This issue contains two reports and five original articles. The title of the first report is “Roma Health in Edirne: Social Determinants of Health and Health Status”. In their report, Eskiocak et al. investigate the social determinants of health and their health related outcomes among the Roma communities living in Edirne. The second report deals with gender related issues. Doğan et al. investigate the effects of gender inequality on women's lives through a comparison of countries that do and do not implement policies based on gender equality.

Original articles in this issue cover many important public health issues. The first, conducted by Koçak et al., investigates the type 2 diabetes risk of primary school teachers and their lifestyle behaviors. Results of the study show that 5.7% out of 975 primary school teachers have a high risk of type 2 diabetes.

The second original article entitled “Unintended pregnancies, induced abortions and risk factors in women admitted to hospitals due to birth or abortion in Hatay” was based on a study of 635 women. The results of this study, done by Savaş et al., show an unintended pregnancy rate of 15%. It is further estimated that almost half of all induced abortions are reported as spontaneous abortions. The third article, which was written by Çam et al., is about the frequency of eating disorders in adolescents. This descriptive study, with the participation of 338 high school students, found the frequency of eating disorder attitudes to be 18.3% among the participants. In a descriptive study conducted by Emerce et al., the knowledge and practice of laboratory safety by laboratory analysts and technicians was investigated. It was found that all 93 laboratory workers who participated in the study have failed in some safety practices throughout their careers, and have been eager to get regular education on laboratory safety. In the last original article Ünlü et al. evaluate traffic accident data resulting in death or injury between the years 2005-2014 in Turkey.

We would like to thank all the authors and reviewers who have contributed to this new issue.

We are also happy to announce that Damla Harmanci has joined our team as the English Editor.


Sibel Sakarya, Yücel Demiral 

Chief Editors

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