Bibliometric investigation of epidemiologic studies in HIV positive individuals in Turkey

Can Hüseyin Hekimoğlu, Duygu Lüleci, Ahmet Can Bilgin


Objective: This study aims to evaluate the bibliometrics of epidemiologic studies in HIV positive individuals in Turkey. Methods: We reached the epidemiologic studies through Pubmed, Türk Medline, Ulakbim databases and ”Türk HIV/AIDS” journal on November 1, 2015. Results: Among 204 studies 89.1% were observational descriptive and the most frequent type was case report (48.5%). Cross-sectional (23.7%) was the most common type among analytic studies. Article’ were published in Turkish (67.2%) and English (32.8%). The great majority (92.6%) of the studies were conducted in general patient population. The most studied topics were opportunistic infections (41.3%) and complications (16.3%) among the case series/reports types of studies; whereas HIV/AIDS epidemiology (18.1%) and treatment (17.0%) were more common ones among the other studies. The proportion of the studies carried out by a single specialty was 47.1%. First-name authors work in university hospitals (55.4%), teaching and research hospitals (37.3%) and 76.9% were from Istanbul, Ankara, or Izmir. The frequent specialties were infectious diseases (47.1%) and medical microbiology (22.1%). Researchers used stigmatizing statements in 33.8% of the articles that were in Turkish referring to HIV positive individuals, although this type of statements tended to decline over time (p trend = 0.007).Conclusion: Researchers should conduct analytic, multi-disciplinary and nationwide studies on HIV positive individuals in Turkey, particularly in non-general patient groups and on relatively less studied topics.


HIV, AIDS, Turkey, epidemiologic study

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