Roma health in Edirne: Social determinants of health and health status

Muzaffer Eskiocak, Duygu Akbaşak


Roma are the largest ethnic minority in Europe. In the Thrace region, the Roma constitute 6 to 7% of the population. Our study compiled and compared data from previous research on the Roma communities of Edirne with existing literature. The aim of this study was to define findings related to the social determinants of health and health related outcomes in the light of existing information. In Edirne, 42.8% of Roma have social insurance, compared to 79% of non-Roma. The experience of child mortality is significantly higher with Roma (10.3% compared to 5.7%). Of all Roma marriages, 56% occur in adolescence. Roma women have had children earlier, more births, more miscarriage, and fewer and later prenatal care than non-Roma women in the region.

Keywords: Roma, ethnicity, social determinants of health, women, Edirne


Roman; etnik yapı; sağlığın sosyal belirleyicileri; Edirne

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